Reiki Therapy


Reiki therapy is a hands-on healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation. This 5000 year old holistic alternative technique can recharge, realign and restore balance to your body's energy field (aura) and energy centers (chakras). This technique does not use chemicals, manipulations or massage. Through Reiki therapy, clients can have a noted, marked elimination of anxiety, tension, stress, mental/emotional issues, as well as past life issues. The benefits of Reiki therapy may allow clients once again to enjoy good health and new levels of productivity in their lives. With Reiki therapy, people with high stress levels may achieve marked improvement medically, spiritually and emotionally.


Psychic Mediumship


Psychic ability


Psychic abilities allow a person to identify the energy vibrations of the client by using their developed five senses. The energy may allow the psychic to interpret events from the past, present or future. The psychic works towards helping people problem solve daily issues with the help of their spirit and healing guides. The process may help to enlighten the seeker. Past life issues can also be identified and utilized as a tool to help the seeker's present circumstances.




Mediumship is the ability to make contact and communicate with people who have transitioned from this physical world to the spirit world. A medium is able to communicate with your loved ones, family or friends and relay messages to the family and friends here on earth. This type of communication can be beneficial with the healing process and bring closure to both the living and spirits who have transitioned.




Reflexology works with pressure points in the hands and feet to release tension, stress and stimulate the organs and systems to promote healing.


Animal Communication


Through animal communication, the communicator is able to sense the energy of the animal by utilizing telepathy, psychometry, empathy or other forms of energy interpretation. Bridging the communication gap between the owner and their pets enables a better living relationship in the home.


Paranormal Consultant


A psychic medium can sense the presence of spirits and other energy forms whether they are from the past or anytime up to the present. They may be able to tell you who or what is in your home and help spirits crossover. If you want to know what is in your home, feel free to make an appointment.


Energy Cleaning and Balancing


Cleansing the energy in your home, car or place of business can effect you and all those around you. Restoring a positive energy flow can create an improved, healthy and more productive environment. Whether the energy be tainted by the influences of everyday issues and stress or that of the spirit world, cleansing your environment can restore harmony and a relaxed atmosphere where ever you are.